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Vivian Ostrovsky
International Filmmaker in Person!

Born in NYC, avant-garde filmmaker Vivian Ostrovsky has made her home in Paris for a number of years. Charming and humorous investigations of everyday events, her films combine aspects of personal journal, travelogue and collage. Ostrovsky’s use of single-frame photography and melodramatic music add to the playful and engaging quality of her films. “Playfully voyeuristic, Ostrovsky catches her subject in the midst of their banal activities and manages to stick ironic quotation marks around the everyday.”-Village Voice. Ostrovsky’s work has been screened internationally, including a 1988 retrospective at the Pompidou Center, French National Museum of Modern Art, in Paris.

Movie (1982, 10min.)-From Paris to Berlin, from Amsterdam and Jerusalem to Rio. Hungarian crooners, Indian tribal chants, opera arias and an occasional samba make up the sound track of this “hand-held” diary. *** (1987, 12 min.)-Once a year, Sarah and Paul leave their native California to eat their way through France, testing the Michelin guide’s recommendations for the top-rated, three-star restaurants Copacabana Beach (1983, 14 min.)-“My film is about blurred boundaries, probably due to my own personal history. I was born in New York, to Russian and Czech parents, raised in Brazil and educated in France where I still live today. As a result the film is a cultural cocktail shot in New York, Moscow, berlin, Milan and Paris. (Starring Gorby in a cameo role!).” Also playing are Allers-Venues (1984, 15 min.) and Eat (1088, 15 min.).

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