Voice Choices

7-13 June, 2006
Directed by Vivian Ostrovsky
Creatures Features
Good-natured docs hop beaches and coif creatures
by Robert Wilonsky

An international cast of curious creatures in their native habitats stars in this charming Gallic duo of featurettes. Vivian Ostrovsky’s half-hour compendium Ice/Sea is a celluloid aperitif for summertime, combining found footage of the world’s beaches with the director’s own archive of coastal material. Fun and free-associative, the movie ventures to Rio, Miami, Montpellier, the Dead and Black Seas, and elsewhere, keeping a visual diary of lumpy beach bods, boardwalk architecture, and celebrity sightings (Esther Williams, Elvis Presley in his Hawaiian incarnation). Ice/Sea also showcases a zoo’s worth of beachcombers: dogs, birds, a marauding tiger, and rounding out the first half of the title, smooching penguins. Enjoy those icebergs while they last!

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